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We're so glad you're here, because we know you have a Calling with Horse. The world needs you. Horses need you. And we need each other. Together we can uplift each other to do more great work in the world alongside of horses.

So tune into the video below to hear more about how the Collective got started by a message from horses. And be inspired by a beautiful vision for the world where all Beings are honored for Who They Really Are!

The Vision, Mission, and Inspiration for the Healing with Horse Collective


Together we can uplift humanity, one heart, one horse, one human at a time! Join our Human Herd for our yearly Tele-Summit & Symposium where we can empower each other to expand our healing practice with horses.

Want to contribute your expertise? Please feel free to email drjenn@healingwithhorse.com. We exist to share useful and inspiring information for equine-assisted facilitators. We welcome hearing from you.

Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., otherwise known as Dr. Jenn., is the founder of the Healing with Horse Collective.

She is a relationship psychologist, Reiki Master, and founder of the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch, in Parker, CO.

Her passion is facilitating a unique form of Heart-Based, Soul-Centered, Equine-Assisted Coaching, called the Equine Inspired Inner Inquiry Process, which partners with horses to help people access and heal their deepest Core Wounds so they can dissolve their blocks to success and reclaim their Magnificence, in all areas of their lives! She offers individual sessions, group playshops, intensive personal healing retreats, and phone sessions.

She’s also the founder of the Equestrian Enlightenment Alliance and the creator of two special e-books:

Awakening Unity with Horse: Revealing the True Spiritual Purpose of the Horse-Human Bond

Spiritual Adventures with Horse: True Tales & Tools to Uplift Your Journey with Horse, a powerful compilation of 17 contributing authors who share their own horse-inspired wisdom!

Please visit UnityWithHorse.com to download a free excerpt from either book!

Two of her favorite projects include special video blogs:

The Equi-Heart Pledge: How would your life change if you tuned into the wisdom of horse once a day for 30 days? Find out with more than 30 videos sharing the wisdom of horse straight from the Healing Horse Herd!

The 2013 Hidden Healer: There are horses as healers hidden all over the world! Join with 5 yo TB gelding Galaxy as we share his year-long transformation from race horse to healing horse!

Dr. Jenn has been a featured expert on HorseTipDaily.com and HorsesintheMorning.com and her work as a Dating coach has been featured many times on local TV and in national magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

The Healing Horse Herd

I am honored to partner with 7 amazing beings in horse bodies! Please meet the members of our Healing Herd who live on the Happily Ever After Holistic Healing Horse Ranch outside of Denver, CO. You don't have to travel to them to work with them. Open your heart & tune into them any time for healing support & wisdom on your journey with horse!


22 yo TB Mare

As matriarch of the Healing Horse Herd, Seren is a master energy healer, adept at helping you identify, experience, and release core wounds and limiting patterns. She also embodies the Goddess Sophia, Wisdom Incarnate, and will help you connect with your own Inner Knowledge. A no-nonsense teacher, she specializes in deep grief work.



7 yo TB/QH Mare

As daughter of Seren, this dynamic duo often works as a powerful healing team. Frolic embodies the energy of the Guardian Angel, a deeply grounded, pure loving energy, which is also playful. She'll give you courage to safely face your deepest wounds, while reminding you of the essence of Unconditional Love. Don't be surprised if she makes you laugh, while you cry!


9 yo TB Mare

Charm is your loyal Steed and Wind Horse, carrying the energy of the Warrior Goddess. A faithful companion on your healing journey, she's a specialist in charka work. Charm will encourage you to stand in your power, with grace & ease, while still maintaining that little bit of sass that says, "You go, Goddess!"


, Hebrew for "Overflowing with Joy"
4 yo TB Gelding

Carrying the new masculinity, Jaren will teach you the balancing of light & dark, masculine & feminine. He embodies several powerful energies, including the Pegasus, which will inspire you to grow you own wings to fly. And the Ascended Master, giving you access to your deepest inner wisdom needed for healing. Hard to say no to, he's also a master teacher of boundaries!


6 yo TB/QH Mare

cSerendipity's second daughter, Gem's healing gift is the wisdom of compassion. Holding doubts about herself, as we all do, Gem sheds light on the way of unconditional Self-Love. A sensitive, kind soul, she carries Black Mare Magic and is a trustful partner when you approach with an open heart. An especially willing photography subject, Gem is featured on the Header of the website and on the covers of both e-books!: Awakening Unity with Horse & Spiritual Adventures with Horse



8 yo TB/QH

cAnother of Serena's progeny, Seren and the Spirit Herd must have arranged his arrival, because we had no expectation of his joining the herd! In fact, his name belies his reason for being with us- having entered old crone stage, Serendipity has officially named this Black Wisdom Gelding as the carrier of her healing Legacy. He's got some big shoes to fill and we know he can because he, like Charm and Jaren, he's another Mystic Horse. He carries the energy of a Noble Knight and his Steed, spreading the New Camelot energies of Faith, Wisdom, Integrity, and Love. Shall he carry you into the Battle to win your heart over from Dark to Light?


5 yo TB

cAs the official 2012-2013 Hidden Healer, Galaxy came to the ranch from the race track for a year long project to raise awareness that there are Horses as Hidden Healers everywhere! This striking, tall, and majestic gelding will remind you of your own Power-filled Magnificence while his endearing sweet, silliness will invite you to play. But he's also holding the healing secrets of Pure Consciousness in his field- he's a special Galaxy Horse- embodying the healing powers found in the stars and universes!

Follow his special journey from race track to healing horse on his video blog here!


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