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Healing with Horses

An Epic, Equine-Assisted AUDIO Extravaganza!

On-Going Education for your Equine Practice

Easily the Most Convenient & Affordable Investment
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For the past two years, more than 45 Leaders and Innovators in our field have gathered to offer you their most exciting, transformative tools, techniques, and activities to help you expand & empower your practice!

Never before in the history of our field, have so many of our top experts come together to support YOU in creating the next Grandest Level of your Practice...all without you having to leave the comfort of your home...and even better, for FREE!

And boy did you appreciate it! The sessions were listened to over 15,000 times from facilitators all over the globe and purchased by over 375 of you, on every continent. What an empowering impact it made for our equine-assisted community!

Easily the Year's Most Convenient & Affordable Investment to Empower your Practice!!!

And now, we're honored to do it all again in 2015,
just for YOU!

*Here's what Equine Facilitators like you say about the Healing with Horse Tele-Summit!*

"In the 10 years we have been blessed with the opportunity to live & partner with our horses,
there has never been such an incredible amount of
truly helpful and useful information as
you have made possible!

“I bought the whole series this morning and I am over the top thrilled. I have listened to about 5 so far and they are filled with riches. I feel like each one is filled with precious gems of wonderful information, insight, & new awareness. I can't wait to incorporate with our horses and clients!”

~ Marsha & Mark Friedman
Horse & Soul Connections, Costa Rica


“I have been LOVING the interviews so far. In fact, thanks for a great, great opportunity to listen to these wonderful teachers! Already I have begun to “deepen” my practice, even though I have been working in this “way” for a while. So much still to learn, and to practice, and embrace!”

~ Carol Marriot, Ravenheart Farms
Equine Assisted Learning Centre & Retreat

2015 Offers Ongoing, Accessible Education from Equine-Assisted Experts

This year, we're carrying on the tradition of offering convenient, easy-to-access continuing equine-assisted education from the brightest, most exciting, and innovative leaders our field has to offer.

For the third year in a row, we’re dedicated to providing you with the only cross-model, Ongoing  Educational Opportunity in the Equine-Assisted Field, that you can access from anywhere in the world at any time, all designed to empower you to EXPAND your healing practice with horses!

We’re committed to sharing with you an outstanding offering that is both inspiring & empowering, AND highly practical & useable, with concepts, processes, and activities that you can add to your equine practice, NOW.

Even better, each session includes an Experiential Component, so that not only will your Knowledge Base grow, but your Inner Wisdom will blossom by taking part in this unique and FREE series.

For 2015, we’re so devoted to providing you a high-quality learning experience that we are bringing back some of our most excellent TEACHERS from previous years, offering up entirely new & timely topics. Plus, we’re highlighting some fresh new voices in the field who are doing pioneering work in our field.


The 2015 Format

Here’s all you need to know to enjoy our 2015 Edition

~ Our 12 session series will run for 2 WEEKS, from March 9th - 22nd, 2015

~ Each session will last from 1 hr, 15 min to 2 hours to give you a gratifying, in-depth learning experience

~ Each new session will be posted at MIDNIGHT Mountain time, for you to enjoy for FREE for 24 hours or purchase the set and learn anytime

~ A NEW session is offered 6 days a week for 2 weeks

~ OR, you can purchase the downloadable Mp3 Summit Set for INSTANT ACCESS to ALL SESSIONS. Listen and learn anytime, anywhere! 2015 sets will be availabe for purchase starting March 9. (Individual sessions are NOT available for sale, only entire Summit Sets).

~ NEW! PDF Handouts will be available as a PAID BENEFIT for all who purchase the series at our super affordable rate, creating take-aways that are easy to digest & practical to apply!

Here's How it Works

The Tele-Summit is designed as an immersive intensive, from your own home! That means we're making 2 weeks in March an Epic, Equine-Assisted Extravaganza!

Starting Monday March 9, 2015 we'll offer one new session 6 days a week, chock full of practical and inspiring information, that is ready for you to use in your own personal & professional equine-assisted practice.

Each Summit Session will be available for 24 hours for FREE!

Once the Summit starts, you'll receive a daily email during the Summit with the link for that day's session.

That's it! It's as simple as that. Just visit the links provided within 24 hours to listen to the audio session to get your fill of the most innovative & useful inspiration & information from our field's top experts. To access the PDF handouts for easy application to your own work, simply purchase the MP3 Summit Set to listen & learn, anytime, anywhere!

Sign up now for FREE, and you'll get updates on the schedule, speakers, and messages that will be shared starting March 9th, 2015, during our next Epic, Equine-Assisted Extravaganza!


2015 Schedule of Experts

Below are the talented, EXPERT facilitators that will be EMPOWERING you to EXPAND your practice in 2015.

If you love learning from them, you just might be inspired to join us in May outside of Denver, for the 2015 Symposium, where many of these wonderful experts will be teaching us LIVE & IN-PERSON.

Please click on any title for more info on each session.

*At-A-Glance Calendar

Download the 2015 TeleSummit Calendar HERE




Monday March 9

KLTrish Broersma presents
Build the New Story
Empowering the Four Levels of Self with Horses



Tuesday March 10

lbLinda-Ann Bowling presents
"The Cube" Of Clear Leadership
A Powerful Process for Awakening Your Heart's Desire
through the Clarity of Horse Wisdom!



Wednesday March 11

jlJuli Lynch, Ph.D. presents
Equine Facilitated Emotional Freedom
Tapping with Horses for Releasing Stuck Emotion




Thursday March 12

wgWendy Golding presents
On-Demand Intuition
Activating Your Most Powerful
Facilitation Relationship with Horses

Friday March 13
Extended Teaching Session!

KLSchelli Whitehouse presents
Empowered Professional Presence
The Key to Attract Your Ideal Clients to
Your Special Brand of Transformation!



Saturday & Sunday March 14 & 15
Extended Teaching Session!

JKLizzy Meyer presents
The Transformative Power of Sacred Space
Profound Facilitation for
Whole Horse Well Being & Empowered Change


Monday March 16

Beth Herman presents
Peaceful Power
Using Equus Coaching to Find the "Sweet Spot"
in Interpersonal Interactions


Tuesday March 17

Kera Willis presents
A Somatic Ceremony on Horseback

Wednesday March 18

Judy Weston Thompson presents
Boosting the Bond with Body Work
Integrating the Masterson Method of
Equine Body Work into
your Equine Facilitated Practice

Thursday March 19

LMLisa Murrell presents
Equine Alchemy
The Magic of Turning Human Potential into Gold
through Equine Assisted Coaching


Friday March 20

lwLisa Walters presents
In the Heart-Field with Horses
Activating the Power of Coherence to
Embody Presence, Awareness, & Intention

Saturday & Sunday March 21 & 22
Extended Teaching Session!

swSandra Wallin presents
Equine-Assisted Belief Change
The Power of Conscious Horsemanship



What's even better than easily tuning into these Epic Experts?

~ It's FREE! Each session is available for 24 hours for free!

~ It's convenient- listen from your computer or mobile device anywhere!

~ It's practical, take-away guidance that you can use NOW!

~ It includes experiential, guided interaction so you can integrate the inspiration right away!

~ PDF Handouts are available for easy application today!

Wow! What more can you ask for to super charge your practice this year?

Personally, I've longed to learn from all of these leaders! And now each and every one of us can get the insider's scoop straight from the top, speaking to our hearts, minds, and souls about our favorite mission & passion: Healing with Horse.
All without leaving home!

I don't know about you, but I feel down-right blessed to have this unique opportunity. And I'm honored to enjoy it alongside of you, so that we can all be lifted up together, each of us serving with horse, creating more Power, Passion, Purpose, and Playfulness this year than ever before, for ourselves, our horses, and every life we touch through Horses!

That's my Vision and I invite YOU to Join in!

The 2015 TeleSummit is Over!

The Summit is NOW available as a downloadable, MP3 Set
so you can listen & learn from our field's leaders,
any time, any where.

Easily the Most Convenient & Affordable Investment
to EMPOWER your Practice!!!

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