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Audio Offerings

Our unique and innovative tele-teaching series offer you an astounding opportunity for ongoing education in the fields of equine-assisted transformation.

By learning from home, you save HUGE $$$$$. Even cooler, you get to learn from a wide range of experts whom you might never get to meet otherwise!

Learn more below about the various series that are currently available for immediate purchase and download, as MP3 files that you can listen to any time, anywhere!

Most series are available to purchase either by single sessions or whole series- learn as much as you are ready for NOW!


~ The Tele-Summit- yearly teaching series featuring skills to add to your "adult personal well-being" practice with horses, ranging from 16-32 sessions, from all models of equine-facilitated work. The 2013-2015 series are currently available for your enjoyment.

~ The Coaching Corner- a 6 session series featuring Coaching Skills to apply to your healing with horse practice, buy one or enjoy them all!

~ Spiritual Healing with Horse- a 5 session series featuring cutting-edge Energy & Spiritual healing tools to add to your practice with horses.

~ From Passion to Prosperity- a 2 part Tele-Course on Manifesting Your Mission with More Power, Passion, Purpose & Profit!

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Equine Assisted Professionals

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